The Alto Energy service

At Alto Energy you will find the UK's leading experts in IVT ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. We have unparalleled experience and expertise working with IVT heat pumps and our sole aim is to provide the best possible service to all of our customers for their heating and domestic hot water requirements.



We have a team of expert, in-house designers who have years of experience designing heat pump and underfloor heating systems. Based on the requirements of your project, Alto Energy will design the heat pump and underfloor heating system that meets these requirements.




Alto Energy supplies the best products on the market through our partnerships with leading manufacturers. Once your design has been confirmed, Alto Energy will supply all of the products and associated system components at a time that bests suits you and your project.


Technical Support

Technical Support

Alto Energy only sells products directly to professionals. This ensures we have sufficient resources dedicated to providing technical support throughout the installation process. Our experience has shown us that the combination of our technical support experts with skilled and experienced Partners results in the highest-quality, most efficient installations.




We have a team of fully-qualified in-house heat pump engineers who have years of experience commissioning and servicing heat pumps. Alto Energy commissions every single heat pump system it supplies through it's Partner to ensure the highest quality standards.


Service and Warranty Plans


Buying a heat pump is a big deal. Therefore, we think that you should expect it to work without worry for years to come.. Every heat pump designed, supplied and commissioned by Alto Energy is provided with an Alto Energy Warranty. This Warranty includes the Manufacturer's warranties provided on the equipment, as well as a defects warranty on your installation which is provided by the installation Partner.