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Are you looking to install a highly efficient heat pump or underfloor heating system into your home? Or have you already got a heat pump, and are looking for a partner to maintain your equipment and provide you with a range a warranty options? Look no further than Alto Energy.

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Find an Approved Installer for your heat pump project

We understand what it takes to design and install a heating system that complies with all the regulations, operates efficiently, and most importantly, works - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's why we only sell our products directly to professionals like your local heating installer.

We do not endorse trade professionals directly, but if you would like to find an installer near you, please get in touch and we shall point you in the right direction.


Already have a heat pump and need a service provider?

Great news! Alto Energy offers a Nationwide Coverage with our team of expert field engineers. Our engineers are multi-trade specialist heat pump engineers with years of training, and have extensive product knowledge for the complete IVT Heat Pump range, amongst various other heat pump ranges including Samsung, Mitsubishi and Neura.

Whether your heat pump has broken down and in need of service, technical support over the phone, or you are interested in taking out one of our monthly service plans, please visit our Service page:

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