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IVT Nordic Inverter

Ideal for small homes or offices

The IVT Nordic Inverter air to air heat pump is especially suited for small and medium houses and offices. As the name suggests, the heat pump contains an inverter-driven compressor, which means that the heating or cooling output is automatically adjusted according to demand.

Function Room

Heating and Cooling

The IVT Nordic Inverter is fully reversable, meaning that it is capable of providing heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. This makes it the ideal solution for an office, summer house or conservatory extension.


Warmer Flooring

IVT Nordic Inverter uses the Coanda air diffusion technology based on the logic that hot air rises and cold air sinks. A newly developed motorised louvers distribute heat efficiently down the wall and along the floor to provide a comfortable indoor climate and warmer floors, without any unpleasant drafts. When the air conditioning mode is enabled the cold air is directed it up and along the ceiling.

Warm Underfloor Heating
Cold Nordic Climate

Developed for the Nordic Climate

The efficient design enables this air to air heat pump to maintain its high capacity even at very low temperatures. The IVT Nordic Inverter features newly developed inverter technology which gives the heat pump more control over its heat output which generates additional savings. The highly efficient defrost function ensures the heat pump performs efficiently during winter months.



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IVT Nordic Inverter 6kW