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IVT GEO 20 - 80 kw

Big or Small

IVT Geo is a heat pump with ground-breaking technology that reduces your heating costs. However the key feature of the IVT Geo is the potential scale of the heat output that can be achieved. IVT Geo has been manufactured in eight different power sizes, with the capability of cascading up to six units together. This allows us to put together a solution that fits the exact needs of any commercial or large domestic project. 

Big or Small Buildings for the IVT GEO

New Technology

To provide heat and hot water at the lowest cost, IVT has developed new technology for the IVT Geo. IVT has only been using the latest components to create a heat pump with a performance of the highest standards. 


An Unusually Flexible Heat Pump

IVT Geo is available in eight different power sizes, four with upright chassis and four lying. Additionally, you can connect the heat pump from several directions, providing a cleaner, easier installation.


IVT GEO 20 - 80 kW


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IVT GEO 20 - 80 kW

IVT Cylinders


IVT Cylinders