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IVT Greenline HE 6 - 17 kW

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The Latest Generation

IVT Greenline HE Ground Source Heat Pump is the latest generation of the famous Greenline product family. 

With a large range of outputs, both single phase and three phase, between 6 - 17 kW there is sure to be an IVT Greenline HE heat pump suitable for your project.

IVT Greenling Ground Source Heat Pump
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Low-Energy Technology

Thanks to patented low-energy circulation pump and advanced control technology, the IVT Ground Source Heat Pumps save you more money compared to a conventional heat pump.


High Flow Temperature Up To 65C

The high flow temperatures possible with IVT Ground Source Heat Pumps means you can completely replace your existing boiler, even in older properties with higher heat demand.

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Keep track of your energy consumption directly on the display

Energy measurement system (ESM) shows the amount of produced energy in kWh. The reading is divided into heating and hot water, which makes it possible to get a detailed monitoring of energy consumption. Following consumption can easily find out how changes in habits or preferences resulting in more energy saved.


IVT Greenline HE Single Phase


IVT Greenline HE Single Phase

IVT Greenline HE Three Phase

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IVT Greenline HE Three Phase

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