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air To Air heat pumps

Air To Air Heat Pumps from Alto Energy

Sometimes you don't need to have central heating via radiators or underfloor heating. This may simply be down to the fact that you have an energy efficient and open plan property, or alternatively you're only looking to heat part of your property. Air to Air Heat Pumps offer the perfect solution for a number of applications:

  • Small, open-plan properties

  • Extensions and conservatories

  • Small offices

Unlike other heat pumps, Air to Air Heat Pumps have the ability to provide cooling as well as heating, giving you the ideal solution to keep your building at the perfect temperature, all year round.

Alto Energy is the sole UK Export Partner for the IVT Air Source Heat Pump range. Our staff have extensive design expertise and experience working with and specifying this heat pump range. When you choose IVT, you choose decades of Swedish engineering experience combined with the global presence of the Bosch Group.

No matter what your project, the experts here at Alto Energy will ensure that the right heat pump is specified to you.