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Samsung EHS Gen5 5 - 16 kw

Quality and Value

The Samsung EHS Gen5 is the latest generation in Samsung's successful range of MCS accredited air source heat pumps.

Quickly becoming the go-to air source heat pump, the Samsung EHS GEN5 comes with excellent technical support combined with a competitive price. Useful for most large and small scale installations.

Samsung GEN5 Air Source Heat Pump


Samsung, as the 8th most valuable brand in the world, have a deserved reputation for innovation and quality.

While being a relatively late comer to the air source heat pump market in 2011, what they brought with them was a solution to many of the problems that earlier manufacturers had encountered. 


Easy Installation

Innovations such as commissioning information designed around a specific type of installation and an extremely lightweight chassis mean that installation and commissioning  is the easiest ever seen from an air source heat pump.

Easy to install - the Samsung GEN % Air Source Heat Pump
Samsung GEN5 Air Source Heat Pump Range

Flexible Application

The Samsung EHS GEN5 range has been designed with flexibility in mind. Installers have the capability to incorporate many different fuel sources, as well as the ability to cascade multiple units for a single installation. This means that no matter the complexity of the project, Samsung is likely to offer a solution.


Samsung GEN5 Air Source Heat Pump Product Information

Product Sheet

Samsung Gen5 5 - 16 kW