British Gas Raise Prices AGAIN

British Gas Raise Prices AGAIN, This Time by 3.8%

August 10th, British Gas stated that their prices would be AGAIN rising, this time by 3.8% - or £44 per year, affecting 3.5m people nationwide. This rise in prices follows on from their 5.5% rise in gas prices last May and will come into effect on October 1st.

British Gas have faced a huge backlash and many customers have stated that they will either switch or look for alternative methods to heat their homes. According to the business, these increases in prices were “beyond its control, such as wholesale costs”, but customers still aren’t convinced. Many stated that this price rise was the final straw, and many would be leaving following the 1.4m domestic customers who have already left in the first 6 months of 2018.

Henry de Zoete, co-founder of auto-switching service Look After My Bills, said: "British Gas's second price rise in the space of just a few months is a disgrace and a slap in the face for families” and further went on to mention British Gas announcing their profits of £430m not long before this price rise.

Many have gone on to argue that the business is simply trying to get as much money from their customers as possible before new laws, regulations and caps are imposed in the UK.

Perhaps this will pave the way for alternative energy and renewable energy resources to be given further advancements with government support, turning more people towards making this planet a healthier place, Furthermore by switching to renewables consumers can save money, certainly in the long run. This is due to low running costs, as well as potential reimbursements from the government, in stark contrast to the price increases they would experience by sticking with the norm.