Government Pledges to Ban Boilers In New Homes By 2025

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has today announced the Government’s commitment to ban fossil fuel heating in new build homes by 2025. In today’s Spring Statement, Hammond confirmed the introduction of a new standard for new build homes to be introduced by 2025, in order to future-proof new build homes with low carbon heating, such as heat pumps.

In what was a short statement, there was a significant focus on environmental measures. The Chancellor also stated that “to meet our climate targets, we need to reduce our dependence on burning natural gas to heat our homes. The government will consult on the appropriate mechanism to deliver this commitment later this year”.

Gordon Rayner, Politcal Editor of the Telegraph commented on Twitter that this policy would see heat pumps becoming the new norm for new build homes:

Gordon Rayner Twitter.JPG


In a report last month from Government advisory Committee on Climate Change, the Government was advised that new build homes should be banned from connecting to the gas grid within as little as 6 years in order to tackle climate change. As reported in the Times and the BBC, The Committee on Climate Change report, titled “UK Housing: Fit for the Future”, suggests that all new-build homes in the countryside should be heated by heat pumps, rather than traditional fossil fuel boilers.

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  • 6x air source heat pumps and underfloor heating on a development of new homes in Essex

These developers are now actively installing heat pumps on all their rural developments.

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What is clear from the Government’s message is that heat pumps have a hugely significant role to play over the next decade.

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular amongst housebuilders. As we move into the next decade, increasing consumer demand combined with Government policy will see the demand for heat pumps increase amongst homebuyers, especially in rural, off-gas areas. Contact our team today to discuss how you could incorporate heat pumps into your next development – you might be surprised at how well the numbers stack up.