British Gas set to increase prices by 5.5%


Rising Gas Prices

From the 29th May British Gas will be raising their prices by 5.5%. This will affect over 4 million people and see the average bill rise by approximately £60 per year.

British Gas claim that they are raising gas prices due to factors out of their control, such as wholesale costs. This naturally leads to the conclusion that it is surely only a matter of time before other companies increase their gas prices too.

Oil Prices Stay High

As well as the recent increases in gas prices, the price of oil remains high. We blogged in March about the cost of heating oil, with prices close to 60p per litre. Prices remain high, with the latest charts showing the price has not fallen back significantly despite the weather getting warmer.

Switch to Heat Pump Technology

These rises in gas prices (as well as the price of Oil being at its highest in 3 years) means there has never been a better time to invest in a Heat Pump which will dramatically reduce your heating bills by delivering 3-4 kWh of heating for every 1kWh of electricity consumed. 

At the current prices of heating oil, the cost per unit of heat delivered is significantly lower for Ground Source Heat Pumps compared to fossil fuels, up to 53% cheaper than Heating Oil.

Contact us now to find out what type of Heat Pump would be most appropriate for your property, how much you could save on your heating bills, and how much you will receive in Renewable Heat Incentive payments for doing so.

Enquire now to ensure you can have your new Heat Pump installed and operational before the end of the Summer and avoid ever having to go through another Winter with high heating bills.