Heat Pumps Moving Towards Zero Carbon

Air Pollution

Plans to tackle sources of air pollution - such as wood-burning stoves - put too much responsibility on local councils, critics say.

The government, as part of its clean air strategy, wants to clamp down on all sources of pollution, including coal-burning and ammonia from farms.

Ministers want to halve the number of people exposed to high levels of pollution from fine particles, known as particulates, by 2025.

One of the most contentious proposals is to reduce pollution from wood burners, which, along with solid fuels, cause 38% of particulate pollution.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide levels are at their highest in 800,000 years.

According to CNN, carbon dioxide levels have reached a brand new milestone, and being the significant greenhouse gas leading to man-made global warming, this is a new milestone we did not want to see. 

Measurements have been taken from the Mauna Loa Observatory for more than 60 years and the new record has topped that of 410 parts per million (ppm) for April.



This news comes just 6 months after a new high of CO2 levels was reached back in November 2017. Read more about that here.

The Role of Heat Pumps

IVT Greenline Ground Source Heat Pump

As fossil fuel consumption for domestic heating is gradually phased out we will switch to an electric economy. Note that the UK's Clean Growth Strategy, recently published by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BIES), lays forth the objective of phasing out fossil fuel installations in new build within the next decade.

Heat Pumps currently deliver up to 4kw of heat output of every 1kwh of electrical input meaning they are by far the most efficient way to utilise electrical energy to produce heat, and as more low and zero carbon technologies are used to generate our electricity, the carbon emissions from Heat Pumps will decrease even further as they play an increasingly crucial role in our nation’s low carbon future.

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