UK Government to Commit to 2050 Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Following on from our blogs where we shared the latest advice from the Committee on Climate Change, we are delighted to share the news that the UK Government will be the first country in the world to write into law a net zero emissions target.

The Committee on Climate Change made their formal recommendations in May, and since then scientists, campaigners and health professionals have been urging the Government to adopt the plans and bring in a net zero target. The Government will now lay a “statutory instrument” in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Technological Solutions

As things stand, the UK is already falling behind it’s previous target of cutting emissions by 80% by 2050. With this in mind, it is as certain as it can be that there are going to be new Government policies in the future to drive the uptake of renewables, as well as much more ambitious building regulations to make installing heat pumps the obvious choice.

Low Carbon Heating Offers The Biggest Potential

Heating remains the biggest source of emissions in the UK.

UK Household Emissions in 1990, 2017 and 2050

Heat Pumps Provide A Solution

In order to tackle UK emissions from heating, low carbon solutions are an absolute necessity.

New Build

It has already been confirmed that a new standard will be introduced for new build homes by 2025, which could ban fossil fuel heating and encourage the take up of low carbon heating technologies like heat pumps.


In addition to new build though, there will need to be a significant uptake of heat pumps in the existing housing stock. To do this, policies like the Government’s renewable heat incentive must continue to operate, offering encouragement to homeowners to adopt the technology.

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