Energy performance validation scheme (EPVS)

Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS)
EPVS Gold Standard Member

What Is EPVS?

The Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS) is a certificated standard that ensures that the final product created by installers is both accurate and valid. This includes ensuring the accuracy and validity of the processes used by the installers, including; energy saving, generating and storing calculations/estimates for home energy products.

By receiving contractual paperwork with EPVS certification, this will protect  consumers from receiving over inflated figures for energy performance calculations/estimates and monetary savings produced by installers. EPVS is underwritten by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance, to ensure that EPVS certified standards are correct.

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Benefits of EPVS

  • Giving you trust, confidence, and peace of mind to purchase home energy products safely

  • Increase confidence in your installer providing you with an accurate quote

  • Added layer of security and protection from EPVS

  • The process gives importance to accuracy in a contract thereby reducing misselling

  • Independent, ongoing monitoring of installers ensures compliance

  • You will receive an EPVS certificate stating your installation is registered

  • FREE validation check is available to you should you require it

  • Certify that energy saving, generating and/or storing calculations/estimates are valid

  • EPVS is underwritten by comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance so if their certification standards are incorrect you can make a claim

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