How AIR Source Heat Pumps Work

IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

An Air Source Heat Pump collects solar energy, stored in the air, and in doing so manages the entire heating and hot water demand for your home.

To install an Air Source Heat Pump, an external fan unit is placed outside the property. The heat pump can extract heat from the air down to -20C.

There is huge potential for significant cost savings, however it is important that you choose a heat pump that has been appropriately sized for your property. Air Source Heat Pumps provide a comfortable and environmentally friendly form of heat.

Watch The Movie - How Air Source Heat Pumps Work

This short video shows how an IVT Air Source Heat Pump Works.

This video was produced by Bosch Thermotecknik AB and Alto Energy Limited. Alto Energy is the UK distributor for IVT Heat Pumps.