The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Choosing Underfloor Heating from Alto Energy for your project has many advantages, and through our unique experience and expertise we ensure that these advantages are optimised. 

minimal MAINTENANCE required 

If Installed correctly, of which we can ensure through our trusted partner programme, there is very little that can go wrong with an underfloor heating system. Any potential leaking in the system can be identified, at the early stages of installation, when pressure testing the pipework.

Comfort for the whole family

The beauty of an underfloor heating system is that it heats up the whole floor living space around you. This in turn results in warm feet, and the need for radiators is eliminated, allowing you to design your rooms the way you want to.


Underfloor heating systems are very efficient when they are designed and installed correctly. Our business model at Alto Energy is to combine our unique design capabilities with the skill and expertise of our installation partners, to ensure that the end result is an underfloor heating system that costs as little as possible to run.

A Heat Pumps Perfect Partner

Heat pumps can deliver concentrated heat in order to provide domestic hot water up to 60°C, while at the same time feeding the underfloor heating at a lower temperature, with even higher efficiency. Alto Energy’s expertise in the design of both heat pumps and underfloor heating creates a complete heating system that delivers constant, controlled heat, and will reduce the homeowners running cost at the same time.