Feeling The Heat? Stay cool with the IVT Nordic Inverter

Stay cool this summer with the IVT Nordic Inverter – the premium Air to Air Heat Pump

IVT Nordic Inverter

IVT Nordic Inverter


Available from £1,236 including VAT and Delivery


Air to Air Heat Pumps are an efficient, alternative form of heating. The IVT Nordic Inverter is the premium Air to Air heat pump, providing total comfort throughout the year from a beautifully designed unit. Its cooling function blows refreshingly cold air directly into the room / area in which the unit is mounted.


Premium Technology

IVT Nordic Inverter uses the Coanda air diffusion technology based on the logic that hot air rises and cold air sinks. A newly developed motorized louver conducts heat efficiently, down along the wall and along the floor to provide a comfortable indoor climate and warmer floors. When the air conditioning mode is enabled the cold air is directed up and along the ceiling, As the name suggests, the heat pump is built with a very quiet, inverter-driven compressor, which means that the heat or cooling output is automatically adjusted according to need.


Maintain Year-Round Comfort

The IVT Nordic Inverter is fully reversible, providing high-efficiency heating in the winter and cooling during the summer. Ideally suited to small homes, IVT Nordic Inverters are also a perfect solution for conservatories, extensions and other outbuildings. Conservatories in particular are often very under-utilised, suffering from cold temperatures in winter and overheating in the summer. The IVT Nordic Inverter can maintain a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the year.


Easy Installation

Installing the IVT Nordic Inverter is very straight forward and can be carried out by any local, qualified refrigeration engineer. If you need help finding a local installer, please do get in touch with us and we can provide names of qualified professionals that can carry out installations in your area.


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