Renewables Set To Dominate The UK In 2020

Renewables Set To Dominate The UK In 2020

2020 could see Renewables taking over fossil fuels as the primary source of power for Britain, according to a new report by energy market analyst EnAppSys.

This comes just days following the news that a Third of UK Electricty Provided by Renewables in 2018.

This study predicts that wind, solar and alike will generate 121.3 terawatt hours of electricity during 2020, compared to 105.6 terawatt hours from coal and gas fired power stations. This is based on current trends which show a decline in fossil fuel generation compared to the massive rise in renewable energy sources.

The report states that in 2018 gas provided 37.6% of the total amount of electricity in the UK, while renewables accounted for 31.2%, nuclear generation supplied 19.9%, imports provided 6.3%, while coal supplied just 5% of electricity.

Whilst the levels of renewable generation have climbed, gas-fired output has remained relatively static, compared to coal which has dropped a massive 89% since 2012.

The study also shows that wind is the primary source of renewable generation with a 55.4% of the share in 2018.

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