Third of UK Electricity Provided by Renewables in 2018


Renewable sources generated a record 33% of the UK’s electricity in 2018, which meant that the contribution from fossil fuels fell to their lowest ever share, with gas down to 39%. The most polluting fossil fuel - coal - saw further declines to a record low of 5%. Overall electricity generation was at an estimated 335 terrawatt hours, which is the lowest level since 1994 and down 16% from a 2005 peak.

Energy Minister Claire Perry said: "we are investing more than £2.5 billion in low carbon innovation by 2021, helping this booming market to thrive, creating jobs, delivering clean energy and tackling climate change."

Great News For Heat Pumps

And this news is great for heat pumps!

Heat pumps are powered exclusively by electricity, so straight away you lose the requirement for regular fuel deliveries or a gas connection. Also, this means that there are no on-site emissions, since all the emissions from electricity generation are produced at source.

Using electrically-powered, efficient heat pumps creates huge savings in carbon emissions, and this saving will only increase in the future due to the further decarbonisation of the electricity grid. In 2017, the average UK grid intensity was 292 grams per kWh, and this will only get lower every year as more and more renewable electricity sources come online, and we eagerly await confirmation of the average 2018 grid intensity.