The Importance of Regular Maintenance

IVT Heat Pumps are known for their reliability. However, as with any piece of mechanical equipment, regular maintenance is very important to ensure that your heat pump continues to operate at optimum efficiency.

IVT Warranty

IVT Ground Source Heat Pump Service

Not only do all heat pump manufacturers stipulate that regular maintenance is a condition of the warranty, but if you are receiving payments under the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (“RHI”), one of your responsibilities is to ensure that your heat pump is in “good working order”. This means maintaining your renewable technology in line with manufacturers’ requirements.

Regular maintenance of your heat pump can decrease the chances of faults developing on your heat pump. In addition to our engineers giving the unit a clean bill of health, we will also spend time on site with you to run through all the settings to ensure the heat pump is running at its highest efficiency.

We have put together an FAQ of the most commonly asked questions at the bottom of this blog for your information.

Choose Alto Energy For Your Heat Pump Service

Alto Energy has a nationwide team of world-class heat pump engineers. All of our engineers are multi-trade, and can boast years of experience with a whole range of heat pump systems. As the UK manufacturer's agent for IVT, our engineers are the UK's most experienced IVT engineers.


IVT Heat Pumps

If you're looking for premium cover, we also offer a comprehensive insurance-backed extended warranty, exclusively on IVT heat pumps. Alto Energy has secured a commercial arrangement with a specialist engineering insurance partner, Arctic. Based in Sweden, Arctic have been a long standing partner of IVT, and so we are delighted to be able to partner with them ourselves to offer insurance-backed extended warranties to IVT customers in the UK.


How often should my heat pump be serviced?

It is recommend to have your heat pump serviced on an annual basis. 

If I am claiming the RHI do I need to have my heat pump serviced regularly?

Yes. As a matter of fact it is a requirement to have your heat pump serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's guidance in order to ensure you're still eligible to claim the RHI.

Do you have any extended warranty and service plans?

Yes, we offer IVT PLUS to the majority of our IVT customers, please read our page on IVT PLUS for further information.

What if I'm not eligible for an IVT PLUS plan?

If you're aren't eligible for a plan you're not to worry, we can continue to offer all the relevant over the phone and in the field support to maintain your unit. We also have running an IVT Heat Pump Recycling Scheme which means you can get up to £1,200 off a brand new heat pump, which will have it's own 5 year manufacturers warranty supplied with it.

How much does an annual service cost?

Our price for a one off annual service starts from £195 + VAT. Our service plans start from £24 per month.