Alto Energy Showcases The Samsung Air Source Heat Pump

Samsung GEN 5 Air Source Heat Pump

At Alto Energy we can specify and supply a range of Air Source Heat Pumps from a variety of manufacturers, and in this post we would like to draw your attention in particular to the Gen 5 range from Samsung. If you are yet to install the Samsung product, here are just some of the features and benefits which we would like you to consider:

  • 7 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    An industry leading 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty eclipses that of any rival manufactures and ensures the product is fully warrantied for the full duration of any RHI Payments
  • Flexible Design
    With outputs ranging from 5-16kW, and the option of cascading multiple units together, the Samsung system can be cost effectively tailored by Alto Energy's design experts to suit any property no matter how large or small the heat load and hot water demand
  • Ease of Installation
    A full range of pre-plumbed hot water cylinders ensures that the installation is simple and straight forward as possible, eliminating the need for your heating engineer to purchase and install a variety of components which are supplied pre-integrated into the cylinder unit
  • Technical Support
    Delivered to you via a supplier (Alto Energy) and a manufacturer (Samsung) who enjoy a close working relationship to ensurer both installers and end users will always receive the very highest levels of comprehensive technical support

If you are yet to receive a quotation for the Samsung ASHP for any of your new build or retrofit projects, please just Contact Us at any time and of our Technical Sales representatives will be delighted to assist and provide one for you.