By 2030, Renewables Could Meet 50% of UK's Electricity Demands

Electricity from renewable sources - such as wind and solar power - could meet around half of the UK’s electricity demands by 2030, at a price which is just as cheap as that of coal, oil or gas generation.

A key finding of a new report commissioned by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), and published by consultancy New Resource Partners, reveals that a smart grid could be what helps Britain produce half of it’s energy demands from renewables. This would enable renewable sources to make significant contributions during the “wind and solar lulls” in winter.

Heat Pump Technology and Electricity

Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps both use electricity to run, and represent the most efficient way to generate heat using electricity. Heat pumps are therefore perfectly suited to compliment the low-carbon electricity grid of the future, which is necessary to continue the battle the looming threat of irreversible climate change.