IVT Ground Source Heat Pump Case Study - Lancashire

Alto Energy Case Study - Lancashire

Key Project Details

Installation Date:

December 2017

Property Type

New Build

Product Installed

IVT Greenline HE E11

Distribution System

Underfloor Heating

Lifetime RHI Returns



Domestic heating and hot water provided by an IVT Ground Source Heat Pump for a new build replacement dwelling.

Mr & Mrs Didsbury, from Lancashire, chose Alto Energy to design, supply and commission their 11kW IVT Greenline HE Ground Source Heat Pump based on a recommendation from their local plumber and builder. ‘Rising fuel prices, Renewable Heat Incentive payments and both oil and coal being dirty and expensive’ were all significant factors in their decision to choose heat pump technology to provide a cost efficient heating system for their home.

IVT is a Swedish manufacturer owned by the Bosch Group, with decades of experience manufacturing the very highest quality heat pumps throughout Europe. Their Greenline range is widely installed throughout the UK with over 8,000 Ground Source Heat Pumps in operation.

With this system providing all of the heating and domestic hot water required in the property, it eliminates the requirement for an oil fired boiler, helping Mr & Mrs Didsbury reduce their annual running costs. During the commission of the system our engineer noted a small leak on the manifold, however this was ‘fixed straight away’ which Mr & Mrs Didsbury were very happy with.

In addition to the very low running costs of the Ground Source Heat Pump, Mr & Mrs Didsbury will also receive in circa £20,000 in grant payments over the next seven years from the Renewable Heat Incentive. This Government incentive scheme rewards homeowners and self-builders for reducing their carbon dioxide emissions by investing in renewable heating technology.

Customer Q & A

What benefits do you feel your renewable energy system has afforded you?

“The house has an ambient temperature which is very comfortable and we have lashings of hot water”

How have you found living with your system?

“Very happy with the system, not had any issues at all”

What has the service been like from Alto Energy?

"Very professional"

Would you recommend Alto Energy to others?

"Yes we would recommend Alto Energy"

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