IVT Heat Pump Recycling Scheme - Now Choose The Amazing AirX

IVT Heat Pump Recycling Scheme - Choose The Amazing AirX

You can now replace your old ground source heat pump, and get up to £1,200 off a brand new IVT Air Source Heat Pump system

If your heat pump is 15 years or older, why not trade in your old heat pump and get up to £1,200 off a brand new IVT Air Source Heat Pump system. Switch from having no warranty at all to enjoying at least five years of worry-free heating and hot water, with the option to extend the warranty up to 15 years. And even better, we'll collect and recycle your old heat pump for you in order to minimise environmental impact. 

Switch to IVT AirX

The new IVT AirX is so efficient that its seasonal efficiency can be even greater than Ground Source Heat Pumps. The new IVT AirX is available in single phase models with outputs up to 9kW, and three phase models with outputs from 13kW to 17kW. 

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IVT Heat Pump Recycling Scheme

Why Choose IVT AirX

Our Quietest Air source heat pump

With an unbelievably low sound power of just 47dBA, the IVT AirX air source heat pump is amongst the very quietest air source heat pumps available on the market. The premium build quality, combined with extra sound insulation housed in the chasis, the IVT AirX can deliver all of the space heating and domestic hot water, in near silence. 

As Efficient as a Ground Source Heat Pump

The IVT AirX air source heat pump is so efficient that the energy savings are comparable to ground source heat pumps. Crucially though, this is achieved without the practical and economical implications of installing a borehole.


IVT AirX air source heat pump consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is available in various output sizes from 5kW to 17kW, in single phase and three phase units. The indoor unit is available with or without in-built water storage to suit your project requirements.

Still heating your home with a fossil fuel boiler?
Choose the IVT AirX air source heat pump today.

Do your bit for the environment and choose a new IVT Bosch AirX air source heat pump for your home. In addition to the savings you will make heating your home, earn up to £1,500 back every year from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. Our new and exclusive IVT Finance offer makes the decision to switch to air source heating even easier!

Get lower heating bills through heat pump finance
Receive generous Government payments through heat pump finance
Benefit the planet by installing a heat pump with our finance package
Our finance package offers flexible repayments


Air source heat pumps can deliver up to four units of heat for each unit of electricity consumed, enabling up to 50% running cost savings against fossil fuel boilers.


Receive up to £1,500 per annum under the Government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which pays you for the renewable heat you generate. T&Cs apply.


Heat pumps operate using electricity, which is becoming an increasingly low carbon source, enabling up to 70% carbon savings against fossil fuel boilers.


Take advantage of our finance package offered through Ikano Bank AB. Choose loan durations of 5 years or 10 years, with a 7 year option available soon.

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