IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

The IVT AirX air source heat pump is the latest generation of heat pump that sets new standards in terms of efficiency and sound levels.

Designed and manufactured by IVT (Bosch Thermoteknik AB) in Sweden, the IVT AirX air source heat pump provides marketing leading performance in every department.

In this article, we will take a look at the market-leading sound levels offered by the IVT AirX air source heat pump, and how this compares with the rest of the market.

Award Winning IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

The Science of Sound


When it comes to measuring sound, there are two key terms:

Noise level.jpg

Sound Power

Sound power is the only truly objective way to measure how much sound something produces. Sound power is a measure of how much noise something actually produces at the point of source. Sound power is expressed in dB(A).

Sound power is the figure quoted on the ErP label for a product.

Sound Pressure

Sound pressure measures how loud something sounds from the position it is heard. Sound pressure therefore varies depending on the distance from the source to the listener, as well as the effect of any barriers in between. Sound pressure is also expressed in dB(A).

what impacts the sound level of a heat pump

Damped Compressor Mounting

The sound output from a heat pump depends on a number of factors. The first thing to do is look at the source of the noise. Pretty much all the noise comes from the vibration of the compressor whilst it is active. If a compressor is held rigidly, this vibration is then amplified further by the metal casing of the heat pump.

In the IVT AirX air source heat pumps, the compressor is mounted on a damping plate. This acts to damp the vibrations of the compressor in operation, thereby minimising the initial production of sound.

Acoustic Insulation

As well as minimising the amount of sound created in the first place, there is a significant amount of engineering that can be done to insulate that sound, and therefore prevent it from being emitted by the heat pump.

IVT employs a dedicated acoustic engineering team, who have utilised a number of technologies and innovations from the automotive industry to make the IVT AirX air source heat pump as quiet as it is. This has been driven in large due to the incredibly strict noise regulations in Germany - which are far stricter than here in the UK - leading to a demand for an incredibly quiet heat pump.

IVT AirX vs. The Market

We can easily compare the IVT AirX with the other leading products in the UK market by looking at the ErP product labels, which are all publicly available. The ErP label shows nominal sound power measured in accordance with EN12102:

IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump_AirX Blog Series.jpg
Nibe Air Source Heat Pump.jpg
Grant Air Source Heat Pump.jpg

IVT AirX 70

47 dB

AirX erp.jpg

Nibe F2120-8

53 dB

Grant Aerona HPID10

64 dB

NIBE erp.jpg
Grant erp label.PNG


does anything else come close?

The comparison heat pumps we’ve used above are two of the market leaders in the UK. Listed below are even more manufacturers… the IVT AirX is quieter than the lot!

  • Vaillant aroTHERM 8kW - Sound Power Level 60 dB

  • Daikin Altherma 7kW - Sound Power Level 60 dB

  • Mitsubishi Ecodan 8.5kW - Sound Power Level 58 dB

The Benefits of Quiet

It is clear that the IVT AirX is an incredibly quiet heat pump compared to the other products available on the market. In addition to the direct benefit to the homeowner of the heat pump being so quiet, this also helps with planning permission, particularly in urban environments.

planning permission and noise assessments

Air source heat pumps are classed as permitted development. This means that provided certain conditions are met, planning permission is not required. The main condition that needs to be met is for the heat pump to pass a noise assessment, completed by the MCS installer.

The noise assessment is a standard calculation to work out the sound level at the closest neighbours property, and in order to pass this level needs to be below a certain threshold. And within this calculation, the lower the sound power of the heat pump, the easier it is to pass this noise assessment, which saves you the significant hassle of requiring planning permission!

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