IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

The IVT AirX air source heat pump is a new generation of heat pump that sets new standards in terms of efficiency.

Designed and manufactured by IVT (Bosch Thermoteknik AB) in Sweden, the IVT AirX air source heat pump provides marketing leading performance in every department.

In this blog series, we will focus on the many features of this incredible heat pump.

Award Winning IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

Bosch Quality


IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump - Designed for the Nordic Environment

The IVT AirX air source heat pump was designed with the Nordic climate in mind. As such, any doubts you may have had about whether an air source heat pump can really cope in the depths of winter can be instantly put to rest.

IVT has been manufacturing heat pumps since the 1970s, and over that time has developed some of the most popular and reliable products in Europe. Since the acquisition by Bosch, product standards have continued to improve, as well as offering even further peace of mind to customers.


The IVT AirX achieves its market leading performance through a host of innovations and patents, developed at the IVT factory in Tranas, Sweden.

Inverter Driven Compressor

The AirX air source heat pump range contains inverter controlled compressors. Inverter driven compressors control the output of the heat pump to only provide the heat output required by the property. This has the following key benefits:

  • Higher efficiency than standard compressors

  • Modulated output, particularly beneficial for air source heat pumps

  • Low start current

  • Significant running cost savings

IVT AirX Inverter Driven Compressor

Expanded Polypropylene

The AirX air source heat pump range is amongst the quietest available on the market. IVT employs a dedicated acoustic engineer to design the heat pumps in such a way as to minimise noise levels. The AirX air source heat pump contains a material called EPP - Expanded Polypropylene - widely used in the automotive industry - which provides class-leading acoustic insulation.

Smart Defrost Function

Air source heat pumps always need to go through a defrost cycle. This is important at low outdoor air temperatures. The IVT AirX features a patented Smart Defrost Function, which ensures that the heat pump provides continuous heating throughout the defrost cycle.

IVT Anywhere Smartphone Control

IVT Anywhere - Remote control app for IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump

IVT AirX air source heat pumps come factory-ready for the new IVT remote control app, IVT Anywhere. Available on iOS and Android, with IVT Anywhere you can control your heat pump wherever you are. Lower the heat when you are on holiday and raise it again on the way home to save money without compromising comfort.


The IVT Anywhere app was awarded in Sweden for its user-friendly design. The easy to navigate interface, and user-friendly menus make the app simple to use.

IVT Anywhere is also very easy to install. After you download the app, you will have easy access to all the control functions directly from your mobile phone.

Alarm notifications

In the unlikely event that your heat pump suffers any issues, IVT Anywhere will keep you informed by sending you notifications directly through the app. This is especially useful if you’re regularly out of the house, meaning you can contact our support desk with details on the alarm, and find out what you need to do to correct it.

Still heating your home with a fossil fuel boiler?
Choose the IVT AirX air source heat pump today.

Do your bit for the environment and choose a new IVT Bosch AirX air source heat pump for your home. In addition to the savings you will make heating your home, earn up to £1,500 back every year from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. Our new and exclusive IVT Finance offer makes the decision to switch to air source heating even easier!

Lower heating bills for your home


Air source heat pumps can deliver up to four units of heat for each unit of electricity consumed, enabling up to 50% running cost savings against fossil fuel boilers.

Get paid through the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


Receive up to £1,500 per annum under the Government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which pays you for the renewable heat you generate. T&Cs apply.

Benefit the planet installing an air source heat pump, reducing your carbon footprint


Heat pumps operate using electricity, which is becoming an increasingly low carbon source, enabling up to 70% carbon savings against fossil fuel boilers.

Air source heat pump finance allows flexible repayments


Take advantage of our IVT Finance package offered through Ikano Bank AB. Choose loan durations of 5 years or 10 years.

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