Underfloor Heating from Alto Energy

Heat pumps and underfloor heating are often talked about as being a perfect match. In this blog we take a look at why that is, and what Alto Energy has to offer.

The Technical Bit

The best way to optimise the efficiency of your heat pump is to keep the flow temperature of water in your heating system as low as possible. The way to achieve this is by keeping the surface area of your heating system as large as possible.

This is possible with radiators, and is something we are regularly advising our customers on. Switching smaller radiators for larger radiators achieves a similar effect. The issue here is that you do hit a limiting factor, namely not wanting radiators to be so big such that they impact on the aesthetics of a room!

With underfloor heating, the size of the distribution system is inherently very large - the clue is in the name! This enables the heat pump to produce low temperature heating water, which enables it to achieve the best efficiency.

The Benefits

Low temperature heating isn't just something you want to do maintain high efficiencies, it genuinely is the most comfortable way to heat your home. Higher flow temperatures create more convection - or circulation of air - which increases the amount of dust in the air, and can often lead to that feeling of "overheating". 

With underfloor heating your heat pump can maintain a constant, gentle warmth through your home, throughout the day.

Alto Energy - Design & Supply

Alto Energy is an approved System House for Emmeti UK - one of the premium underfloor brands in the UK. 

Emmeti have a long history of innovation and are proud to have developed a comprehensive range of simple yet technically competent products driven by UK market needs. All Emmeti products are made to the highest international standards, complying with EN and ISO requirements and all products carry a guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty compliant with UHMA terms. All plumbing products are WRAS certified.

Alto Energy has in-house underfloor heating designers, meaning we can provide you with an underfloor heating design and quotation that is perfectly matched to your heat pump. Choosing Alto Energy for your underfloor heating as well as your heat pump means you have the benefit of a single supplier providing the whole system, with the two elements designed to work alongside one another.

So if you have a project that you're looking at, please do get in touch so that we can provide a quotation.