Alto Energy 6 Month Review

As we head into August it has now been over 6 months since we formed Alto Energy Limited and began trading. In that short space of time we are delighted to have achieved a great deal and thought this would be an appropriate time to share with you a review of our business thus far.

Key Manufacturing Partners

IVT / Bosch 

As the UK manufacturer’s agent for IVT, their partnership and support has been critical to our business. With an installed base of over 8,000 Heat Pumps here in the UK, IVT (who are part of the Bosch group) is the leading Heat Pump brand across Europe, with an outstanding reputation for quality, reliability, and longevity. We were delighted to secure a commitment from IVT that they would honour all of the 5-year manufacturer warranties that had been issued by Ice Energy, whose insolvency had of course put these warranties into jeopardy.

You can read more about it here.

As well IVT, Alto Energy has secured other key partnerships with many leading brands in order to ensure that we have an extensive portfolio of the highest quality products.

Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps

Alto Energy is an Approved Samsung Installer for their fifth generation of Air Source Heat Pumps. Samsung are of course one of the world’s most instantly recognisable brands, and all Samsung Heat Pumps supplied through Alto Energy come with an industry leading 7 year warranty.

Emmeti UK Underfloor Heating

Alto Energy is an Approved System House for Emmeti Underfloor Heating Systems. Emmeti is the premium choice for underfloor heating with the very highest quality components, all manufactured in Italy.


Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps

The UK’s most popular Air Source Heat Pump which has a well established reputation for it’s reliability and excellent performance. 


To find out more about our product range, please visit our website below.

If you would like to receive a quotation for the design, supply, and commission of any of these products then please contact our sales team on 01993 220699 or request an estimate via our contact us form.

Service & Commission








We are delighted to report that in just 6 months we have already Commissioned a total of 50 new Heat Pump installations, the locations of which can be seen in our Commissioning map and are spread from Northumberland all the way down to Cornwall.

Alto Energy Heat Pump Commissioning Map

We employ a team of highly experienced Heat Pump engineers who in addition to Commissioning new installations have also now completed over 500 service visits to pre-existing Heat Pump owners.

When Alto Energy launched we were determined to put quality and customer service at the very forefront of our business and from Day 1 we have been capturing customer feedback using Survey Monkey. We invite every single customer that has received a visit from one of our engineers (be that for a general service, to fix a fault, or for the Commissioning of a new system) to communicate their experience and we are delighted to report that to date our average satisfaction score is at 96%.

You can read more about that here.

So, 6 months in here at Alto Energy we are going from strength to strength and looking forward to specifying and supplying more market leading Heat Pump systems, and continuing to look after you by having our engineers complete even more Commissionings and Service Visits.

Remember if you have any new projects that you would like to receive a quotation for, or require any form of service and maintenance on an existing Heat Pump system then all you need to do is call us on 01993 220699 or contact us.

And Finally... A Note About Extended Warranty & Service Plans

As you will know here at Alto Energy we are currently able to price to provide one off servicing and maintenance visits at the point of need, but we have had hundreds of customers asking about when we will be in a position to provide extended warranty and service contracts. The answer is very soon!

We now have a signed agreement in place with a specialist engineering insurance broker in Sweden in order to enable the extended warranty plans to be underwritten. This means that we will be able to provide genuine peace of mind to IVT customers looking to obtain ongoing extended warranty cover for their Heat Pump.

We expect to be launching these plans in early Autumn 2017, meaning that critically, customers will be able to get their cover in place before the winter season.

Please note that in order to enter into an extended warranty for your Heat Pump it must first have received a service visit from an Alto Energy engineer to confirm that the system is in good working order prior to the commencement of the contract. So if you would like to prepare for the launch of our Warranty contracts (and the start of the Autumn heating season) by getting the service booked in please call us on 01993 220699 to let us know, or contact us.