Experts In Ground Source Heat Pumps In The UK

An excellent alternative to traditional boilers, ground source heat pumps are cost-efficient, eco-friendly and low maintenance once installed.

They work by collecting solar energy stored in the ground, providing a comfortable and environmentally-friendly form of heat. This way they use a renewable resource extremely efficiently. You can find out more about how they work on our website.

If you choose an MSC approved installer, such as Alto Energy Limited, you can also qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. Nonetheless they aren’t suitable for all households and require a lot of work to install, so it’s important to get expert advice.

If you’re interested in having ground source heat pumps installed in the UK, Alto Energy Limited are true experts when it comes to this type of heating system.

We regularly work with developers and self-builders, along with private homeowners, looking to have ground source heat pumps installed. Our company could be your specialist partner when it comes to all kinds of heating projects and we install this technology at sites all over the UK.

Alto Energy Limited have a range of heat pump products to choose from, with our team always happy to offer information on any of our units.

We are UK distributors for IVT Heat Pumps (Bosch Thermotechnology) and also approved installers for Emmeti underfloor heating. IVT are a Swedish manufacturer whose technology benefits from decades of experience.

For more information on our ground source heat pumps, simply get in touch today.

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