Looking To Buy Air Source Heat Pumps?

We’re all looking to make our homes and businesses more environmentally-friendly places, along with ways to save money on heating bills. So, why invest in air source heat pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps might be more expensive to install than other heating methods, but they can save you significant amounts of money in the long term and are much better for the environment. They are cheaper to run than direct electric heating systems or oil boilers, and can be cheaper than running gas boilers, too.

These types of pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures than conventional oil and gas boilers along with having a low carbon footprint. They can be complimented by wind energy or solar power, making them ideal for environmentally-friendly properties.

When you buy air source heat pumps, it’s best to combine them with underfloor heating; this way you’ll have the lowest possible flow temperatures.

Whether you’re interested in buying ground source or air source heat pumps, Alto Energy Limited are keen to help.

Alto Energy Limited work with developers, self-builders and homeowners looking to have heat pumps and underfloor heating installed.  We can supply Mitsubishi Ecodan and Samsung GEN5 Air Source Heat Pumps, which are proven to be efficient, reliable and popular.

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