FCA Approved

We are delighted to announce that Alto Energy Limited has now been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") for the purpose of carrying out insurance broking and credit broking activities.

The Magic Number

Our Firm Reference Number is 782934, and our FCA approval is effective from 6th September 2017.

IVT PLUS: Insurance-Backed Warranties

There has been huge customer demand for Alto Energy to provide extended warranty and service plans on IVT heat pumps. We've been working hard to develop the right solution which we feel best serves the interests of IVT customers, and is in keeping with our core belief to only provide high-quality and reliable products and services.

IVT Plus: Insurance-Backed Extended Warranties for IVT Heat Pumps

IVT Plus: Insurance-Backed Extended Warranties for IVT Heat Pumps

And the end result of that work is IVT PLUS.

Alto Energy has secured a commercial arrangement with a specialist engineering insurance partner, Arctic. Based in Sweden, Arctic have been a long standing partner of IVT, and so we are delighted to be able to partner with them ourselves to offer insurance-backed extended warranties to IVT customers in the UK.

Where Do I Sign Up?

We will very shortly be launching our full range of IVT Plus extended warranty and service plans.

All of our extended warranty and service plans will require a “First Service” prior to us being able to start the plan. This is just a regular annual service where we check to make sure there are not any pre-existing issues with the heat pump prior to us registering the heat pump for insurance. 

To book a service, or if you have already had a First Service and wish to register your interest in a service plan, please contact us via our Support page: